Monday, November 14, 2011

No guts, no glory

I need to lighten things up.  Just so you know, we are not hanging crepe around here. Life goes on just as before. We did go to a different surgeon and Maggie is indeed having surgery on Friday. We are hopeful it will fix her problem and allow her to ward off pneumonia and bronchitis this winter. Time alone will tell. We are delighted that she is getting a chance. That's all we wanted.

I am flabbergasted, disappointed and angry at the effort it took to get here. This is not a game. But now we are here and we are moving forward.

Today we met with the new surgeon. All of our questions have been answered to the extent possible. We are on  some uncharted waters here. The surgery itself should not be problematic, but the success of the procedure is in question. Time will tell.

We are still the immature goofballs we always were. Take for example the way we left the exam room. We had to wait quite a while and both Steve and I were looking at the poster with the entire digestive system on it because just when you think you understand anatomy, you are wrong. We laughed at each other for being such nerds trying to figure out how our guts work.. I said, "Hey, No guts no glory."

 That really sums up this whole episode and Steve liked that and decided we needed to leave the sentiment on the poster. Not defaced, mind you, just a post it note.   Here's the poster and a close up.

I wonder how long it will take them to notice.


  1. I love your family. Your sense of humor sustains me.

  2. do you mind if I ask what surgery she is having? my 16yod hannah had a Laryngotracheal Separation to stop her chronic aspirations. just curious if that is what she is having

  3. Good luck to Maggie and to you and your family. I will be thinking of you. XO Nancy

  4. I hope whom ever finds your post it gets a good laugh out of it. It is always good to find something that makes you laugh even in the worst situations :-)


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