Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today we say Auf Wiedersehen to Vanya and Betty. Their stay has come to an end and they are headed back to Germany this evening. It has been a great three weeks and I'm glad they stayed with us.

Betty asked if Maggie could come to Germany when the San Francisco kids come in May. I wish that could happen, but it's just not possible. (But I am giggling at the thought of going through TSA security with the suction machine and the cans and cans of her food pleading ,"No, really sir, she needs more than 6 ounces of liquid for the 10 hour flight."  I think I would suspect us because it's too ludicrous to be true. )

The morning madness will settle back to its normal overdrive level. We have been in super duper overdrive adding lunches and a ride across town to the already unbelievable mix. The other day I was making lunches and maggie was banging on her bed  which is her way of "calling" me. I said, "just one minute Maggie. you are NEXT on my list." I heard the night nurse start to laugh because Maggie made a face. The nurse said, "oh no, she did NOT like that. This girl needs to be FIRST on every list."

Other than the mornings, though this has been fairly effortless. We were lucky to get such lovely your women to join us because they made it so easy.  

We will miss them and wish both young ladies well as they travel home to their families and friends. I hope they know they have a little of both right here in San Francisco if they ever want to.

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