Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend update

Good thing we gained an hour this weekend, because we were busy!

Any change in the schedule causes a ripple effect. When the whole country shifts back an hour it takes several days for us to catch up. Add in our busy weekend and forget about it! Maggie fell asleep an hour early last night and by the time the nurse arrived at 11 all of us were sound asleep in the living room.

My posting has been slow of late. We have been very busy entertaining Betty and Vanya. In fact I think I'm using the extra hour to write this. On Friday night we went out for Chinese food, Saturday we went to the Legion of Honor to see the Pisarro exhibit, they toured Fort Point and then we had a picnic at Crissy Field. The rain was threatening all day, but held off

Yesterday we went to Ghiradelli Square. We felt it was out obligation to show our guests the Chocolate factory, or the remnants of it.  We hadn't been there is a very long time. I remembered why when we arrived. It its the LEAST accessible place in San Francisco. Multiple levels with one elevator that  comes four steps above ground level - WHAT??!?!?!.You have to call a security guard to unlock a lift to get up those stairs to get to the elevator that takes you to a bunch of shops that cannot fit a wheelchair. Even in the chocolate factory itself you could not maneuver with a chair. I'm sure they don't get many in there, but I can tell you there's a reason for that. All in all a colossal fail.

We wandered around Fisherman's wharf and stopped in at Cost Plus. It's always important to take visitors to our city to a store that specializes in imports from around the world, including Germany. Oops. Still they had fun.

Maggie loves to use her dynavox to say hello to each of them and they have become very adept at responding, even when she says hello 20 times. Maggie has them well trained.

It is hard to believe they will be leaving us in a couple of days and things will go back to "normal." There are still so many sites I want to see!

P.S. I forgot my gratitude for today. I am thankful that this experience has been so positive - but I am also thankful that tomorrow is election day and all the phone calls and junk mail will stop for a while.  If you are in SF., don't forget to vote tomorrow.


  1. Dear Sally,

    I am sending you this message as one mom to another. I am Vanya's mom and I am glad that my daughter came to stay with you. She enjoyed her time in SF. Every time I talked to her she sounded happy and she has not gotten homesick. So I am pretty sure that she felt welcome and well cared for.

    I guess she is happy and sad at the same time because she has to leave tomorrow. I am sure that she will miss you.

    I admire you for your energy to take on the responsibility for two more teenage girls and even finding the time to show them some of the sites. She will have fond memories of her trip to SF and your kindness.

    My husband and I want to say thank you for everything you did for the girls and we hope that Vanya and Betty have not been too much of a burden.

    Heartfelt Greetings from Germany to your husband and Maggie too


  2. Birgit -

    Thank you for that lovely comment. I will get your email address from Vanya, but I can assure you they have been great. You have a poised and lovely daughter. I hope to keep in touch with all of you.



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