Friday, December 23, 2011

Final push

"Greetings cards have all been sent...the Christmas rush is through."

Except that it isn't. I did send greeting cards, but I was so disorganized that some people got two while others were overlooked. I'm still waiting for an address too, so that will be a New Years card. My house is full to bursting with gifts, food, decorations and stuff. Still more rushing to do today, but mostly it's the grocery variety. That can be the most competitive shopping of all, though.

I do have to return a space heater I bought yesterday. My father in law is here and the room he is sleeping in does not have heat. We have a space heater in Maggie's room. We do not leave the heat on at night because it gets too hot upstairs, but the nurse would freeze without some heat.  I couldn't take that one.
I was sure we had one and I went downstairs to our junk/storage area to find one. Turns out one was completely broken and the other was only a fan. Hmm. I texted or called various family friends and neighbors to see about borrowing a space heater, but no one had one. So off to Walgreen's to purchase a space heater. No problem. If the one in Maggie's room breaks I will have a spare. I brought it upstairs and started to set it up and HELLO - there's a space heater in that room already. This one is going back immediately. That's ONE thing out of this house.

Maggie and I went to North Beach yesterday and bought the good stuff for Christmas Eve dinner. It's all cash and carry down there, so we hit the bank, loaded up on cash and went to the bakery to get foccacia, and to the deli to get fresh ravioli. I used to do that on the morning of Christmas Eve, but it is so ridiculously crowded, that I decided to just get it done. I have a refrigerator and a freezer. Save energy. Use the technology!

Then we passed a Chinese vegetable market with the most beautiful string beans and had to stop. The place was small and tight, but we did not let that deter us. The owner said something like "I take care of him" (meaning Maggie.) He wanted me to wander around inside the shop and leave her out on Stockton Street.

Uhhhh NO.

I didn't think he could handle a lesson in suctioning so  I thanked him but said no, I will keep her with me. We maneuvered with great difficulty through the little store, annoying some very competitive vegetable shoppers, and nearly knocking over giant bins of various types of produce,  but I emerged with some beautiful veggies.

The busy day was made easier by the amazing weather. I know we need rain and there's no snow in the mountains, but it's hard to argue with this kind of day.

Hope everyone has a great day. the big day is upon us. Grandpa is already here. We are anxious for the arrival of Eddie and Grace late tonight and  undoubtedly Tim will pop in at some point today. 

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  1. Maggie looks ready -- I can't wait to hear what Santa brings her. That photo of her against the beautiful hills of SF and the blue sky is great!


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