Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mugging for the Camera

One Christmas season at least 30 years ago I went Christmas Shopping with my sister Mary. This is not earthshaking, I've done that with all of my sisters and brothers over the years. But this one trip was memorable and I am reminded of it whenever all of our Christmas crap decorations are out  I remember this because I still have the Christmas mug I bought on that excursion.

Neither of us had kids then, but I think she was already married. We were in downtown San Francisco and decided our mission was to purchase something on every single floor of Macy's. I don't think we BOTH had to purchase something on every floor, but together we had to make sure we hit all of them. At that time there ware 8 floors in one building. Totally doable. Now Macys took over the IMagnin Building and there are 8 floors in two buildings and another building across the street with an additional four floors.(I think that one used to be Liberty House).  Even if we were inclined to try, which we are not, I doubt we could succeed today.

It was a perfectly normal thing for us to do in those days. We were young, working and without responsibilities. A shirt for dad, on the first floor, something for mom on 4, ornaments or some such thing on 8, undoubtedly something for us on the floors with the clothes, but I don't remember .I bought the Christmas Mug in the cellar and I believe she did too.

In the years since life changed a hundred times. We have both had children, in fact each of us has a child with disabilities and our priorities changed. We went shopping one day last week and of course we went into Macy's. Mary did buy me a fishing ornament to replace Steve's cool one that was lost in the tree crash, but.I think that's the only $5 we spent in that store. We looked around and went out to lunch instead. Much more fitting.
I am enjoying my coffee out of this mug right now and marveling at the number of years that have gone by, and how much life has changed. Mostly, though I'm marveling that this cup has survived 30 years of packing up the Christmas stuff and has only one little nick (visible above the handle).  

Hope I haven't jinxed it by writing this.. 

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  1. Oh, no, -- now your mug is eternal, and you've managed to turn something completely mundane into something charming and significant.


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