Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tannen BOMB

Just two weeks ago our Christmas tree was happily growing in our backyard in the Richmond District, a place famous for its fog and lack of sunshine. Yes, that's right. We cut out tree down in our own backyard, and I'm willing to bet we are the only ones in San Francisco who can say that.

            This is the same tree we used several years ago. If you cut it right, it grows back. And my husband, who still brags about his A+ in Forestry 10 that he received 30 years ago in college, apparently knows what he's doing. It didn't look like much when first cut,  but once it is up and decorated it looks just like a Christmas tree should.

Of course the genesis of this tree is not the whole story. As I wrote last week, it fell over. Once it was up and decorated, it tried to make a break for the back yard, tumbling over, breaking ornaments and tangling lights. Steve put it back up on its perch and the electric train is set up around the base. 

The other night Steve was reading Maggie How the Grinch Stole Christmas and noticed a similarity between the tree in Cindy Lou Hoo's House and ours. Especially at the top. Not sure if that's a result of the crash or the heavy star or just the way our little tree entered the world. 


Five days to go. It is now screwed into the platform, so it will not be falling over again, but it still looks like it's trying to get back out to the back yard.

I will set it fee next week. I promise.


  1. That's hilarious and awesome -- in the true sense of the word: I'm in awe that you picked it from your backyard AND that they grow back like that.

  2. Hi Sally,

    I love your homegrown tree! We, too engage in a little urban forestry from time to time. We use the invincible holly trees that we keep trying without success to cut down for good. Last year we were able to put up a 12' tree this way. Five years from now, we'll be doing it again!

    Merry Christmas to all of you -- we love you!



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