Monday, December 12, 2011

Making the switch

I took the plunge yesterday and started making the switch in pharmacies. As of the firts of the year, our insurer Anthem Blue Cross and our pharmacy,Walgreens, will no longer do business together. I delayed switching over hoping these two companies would reach an agreement and my little life boat would not flip over. Seems that will not happen.

When they redid our neighborhood Safeway, they put in a pharmacy. We've never used,it, but figured that made the most sense. Maggie and I walked over to Safeway early Sunday morning. I picked that time on purpose, because I knew it would take a while and at that hour the store is not crowded and the pharmacy is practically deserted.  The pharmacy department is right behind the wine section of the store, so that's a win. There was one pharmacist working alone and he came over to the window to help me. I smiled and said," I'm either going to make your day or ruin your day right now."

He was well aware of the Anthem/Walgreens issue. I gave him a list of Maggie's medications and the pharmacy slips from almost all of the drugs. (I have one or two that weren't in the pile.) He busied himself going through the paperwork listing all 14 current medications. He asked my name, Steve's name, and then stopped, eyes wide and said, "Wait, are these all for one person?" I smiled and gestured toward Maggie. Yes, they are all for her.

I brought Maggie with me  on purpose thinking that might make it a little easier for them to grasp the situation if they had a visual of the patient. When I turned around to introduce her, though, Maggie was sitting in profile with her hood pulled over her face. She looked like a reclusive woman of mystery.

I said, "Oh, Sorry" and turned her around and fixed the hood.  She gave this guy the biggest grin you have ever seen and, though he was flummoxed by the task I had dumped on him first thing in the morning,  he smiled right back at her.

I am not looking forward to the transition, but I can see that it just might work out all right eventually. It's only a few blocks away and I'm in there all the time anyway to get groceries.

Maggie will just have to charm them one at a time.

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  1. That picture is hilarious. The switch -- not. But I'm thankful that you find humor in nearly all situations, even the most aggravating.


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