Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How lovely are your branches....

There are some days that start badly. Today is one of those days.

I came down around 6:30. Greeted Maggie talked to the nurse about the night and started my routine. I went into the kitchen to get coffee. Retrieved my happy Christmas from the dishwasher and was taking that perfect first sip of coffee when I  heard a loud crash.

The Christmas tree, which we spent the last two nights decorating fell over. Of course this year, for the first time in many  many years, Steve took the time to set up the train around the base of the tree and and we put the whole thing on a platform about 12 inches off the floor. That just made for a more spectacular crash

I didn't touch it, the dog wasn't near it. It just timbered crashing ornaments and spilling water all over the newly refinished floors. I couldn't lift it by myself and the nurse was in no position to assist. (In fact she left about two minutes after the crash). I was yelling for Steve who was in the shower. He came down barefoot and had to go back to get shoes on. He righted it, but had to leave for San Jose. We had to leave it to fix tonight. I mopped up the water and folded back the wet rug.

Meanwhile Ms. Maggie was in her room alone and having NONE of that. She was pounding on the side of her bed and demanding some attention. I rushed back there and she was fine - just indignant. I rushed through her morning ritual and got down to the bus.

I like to think things are gong to get better from here. In fact, I think I will go buy a lotto ticket.

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