Friday, December 16, 2011

Mom, it's Friday, Mom

Maggie has an annoying habit of using her talker to repeat the same sentence 10,000 times. I believe she is waiting for a specific response and just keeps saying it until someone responds the way she wants. Generally we respond the first 50 times or so and then just tune it out. Steve can be reading the paper and Maggie will say "Dad, hello" over and over and over again. He says Hello Maggie, or Good morning Maggie or How are you today Maggie and she will just keep saying "DAD, Hello."

Maggie laughs her head off when I finally get exasperated and say, "Ok, Maggie you've said that enough. Clear it and start again." She does clear the sentence and start again,  but generally just changes the sentence a little bit. Dad, Hello dad might become "Dad, good morning." with an accompanying wicked grin.

When she came up with "Dad, go to work Dad" it quickly became a favorite morning comment.

There is a slight chance that she knows it drives us crazy and she gets a wee bit of enjoyment out of that.

Last night after the nurse left Maggie's sentence was, "Mom, tomorrow is Friday Mom."  I replied in various ways. "it certainly is" or "right you are." Nothing. I tried "yep, last day of school" and "you have to bring these gifts for your friends and teachers." "Vacation startes tomorrow." She just kept saying it over and over. I went back to wrapping and tried different answers about every third time she said "Mom, tomorrow is Friday Mom."

Steve was sitting in the other chair doing some work. He was right next to Maggie and hearing all of this but letting me respond because it was clear she was talking to me. Finally I said, "Hey dad, do you know what day tomorrow is?"  He didn't even look up but got the point. He said, "I'm not sure....Thursday?"

Maggie slammed her hand down on her tray which is her sign for NO! (and when she slams it like that it's more of a "oh HELL no.") Steve and I started to laugh and Maggie was a bit mad for a minute but even she finally started laughing. I still don't know what she wanted me to say in return, but it was good to turn the tables on her.

Still, I have a sneaking suspicion we will pay for that little trick tonight.

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  1. Hilarious. I love that Maggie and her devious ways --


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