Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Could it be??? Could it finally be?

Maggie has been waiting to get a walker for over three years. The reasons for the delay are frustrating and annoying and not worth relaying here. (but know I'm steaming just a little thinking about them...)

Today we went to the doctor and when we came back a man got our of his car and approached us. I smiled, thinking he wanted directions, but NO! He was here to measure Maggie for and try her in a model of the walker! I almost missed him because if I ever knew about the appointment,  I completely forgot. No matter. We found each other and Maggie was chomping at the bit to try it again.

She loves it, but she does tire easily because it's a ton of work for her.She is using muscles she never uses and it's hard. It's also very scary for her, but she just grabs that wheel and moves herself around for as long as she can. I had to grab that vase of roses in the lower left corner of the 1st picture picture as she knocked it over.

Look how TALL she is!

Keep your fingers crossed that it actually comes through this time! It can only help her in so many ways and she can definitely have a little fun too.                      


  1. That looks very cool, and she looks very strong in it---I hope she'll soon have her own.

  2. This made me smile so wide that my face split open!


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