Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recharged and Energized

 Taking a break once in a while is an absolute necessity. I live in a very small geographic circle. I am all over the City dealing with Maggie's school, doctors etc, but I rarely have the need or opportunity to get out of town. (Note: going to Target in Daly City does NOT count.) 

It is difficult for me to get out of town. There are many reasons for this, all of which involve Maggie. We are on such a short leash with her treatments and I cannot just put her in the car and go. Someone else has to be with us to suction her while we drive. Taking a nurse along for a ride out of town sort of defeats the purpose of getting away. We are just taking our show on the road.

Sometimes Steve and I take Maggie somewhere, but then one of us is sitting in the back with her and it doesn't feel very relaxing at all. We also have to go places where we know there is access for her and we can find a place to do the needed interventions that take a block of time and require some privacy. All in all, it's just too hard. By the time we arrange all that, it's easier to stay in town.

One (more) good thing about living in San Francisco is that there is no question when you leave town. You cannot go west without a boat and you can't go North or East without crossing a bridge. For me it's a psychological bridge as much as a physical one.  When I  get on the bridge, especially the Golden Gate, I immediately feel like I'm on vacation.

That's what I did Sunday afternoon. I had a meeting scheduled Monday morning far north of here. It was not too far from my sister Mary's house and I decided to spend the night with her and my brother in law. It was not a wild visit, we had dinner, talked and watched Dowton Abbey, just as I would have at home.

But I wasn't home. I was sitting in a different town in a different house with a beautiful view of their vineyard, mountains and lakes. I didn't have to wait for the nurse. I didn't have to get up so the nurse could go home. I didn't have to do the morning madness. It was rejuvenating and wonderful. I feel like I was gone for a week.

Steve held down the fort while I was gone. He got Maggie off to school yesterday morning and I returned before her bus came back in the afternoon.  She was absolutely delighted to see me, which was a bonus.

I asked Maggie if I could go away for a week and she said NO. I asked if I could go away for three days and she slammed down another NO. I said is it OK if I go for another day sometime and she reluctantly gave me permission. I promised her it wouldn't be too soon.

It doesn't have to be too soon. My batteries are recharged..

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  1. Big, deep sigh.

    I so need a vacation. I want someone to give me one because it makes me weary to think about arranging one otherwise.

    I concur with you on nearly everything here, although I know your situation with Maggie is quite different. Whenever I've taken Sophie with us on a "vacation" or otherwise, I call it "our life in a different place."


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