Saturday, February 11, 2012

Relaxing at the Mall

As is the case nearly every weekend morning, Maggie used her dynavox to tell me she wanted to go to the mall. This "chatter" starts around 7:00AM when the nurse leaves and doesn't let up until we are in the car. That's around 10 because I find it's easier to hang out in the mall once it is actually OPEN to the public. 

For the first hour I tell Maggie its too early and she has to wait. Then I tell her all the things we have to do before we can go. (I have to take a shower, we have to feed you and cath you etc). That is her cue to start demanding things. "Mom go upstairs:" Mom I am hungry. Zbreakfast please etc etc. she thinks the faster these tasks are completed the faster we will get to her beloved mall.

You should understand, we do not buy anything at the mall, it's just a thing with her. 

At 10:00 we were in the car and by 10:15 we were in the elevator heading into the mall. she just kept saying "Mom I am happy" on her talker. She stopped saying that or anything shortly after our arrival at the mall. I looked down at her and by 10:30 she looked like this:

Once she gets what she wants, she can relax.

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