Friday, February 10, 2012

Stumbling toward Friday

I'm finally feeling back to normal after a wild week. I sort of stumbled through a week that included my birthday and Maggie's IEP. The birthday was lovely and the IEP went fine, just as I thought it would, but it is draining and I was already running on reserves.

Last Friday night the nurse cancelled and I was up 3/4 of the night with Maggie. That throws me off for days because I never really get a chance to catch up on the lost hours of sleep. I couldn't sleep at all on Saturday night, which jut exacerbated the problem.  Oh I can nap here and there, but you really need that stretch of sleep to feel restored and rested.  Our friend Chris stayed with us last weekend and offered to take a shift in the middle of the night to cover Maggie. I though that was incredibly sweet, but we rarely require our guests to do emergency nursing services. He and Steve did take Maggie out early Saturday morning so I could catch a few hours of sleep, which helped.

There were two amazing things about the IEP. The first was that the teacher Mr. "G" (visible in the third picture below) didn't just give a report on Maggie's progress. He did a power point complete with several pictures. It was great. I have a copy of it and if I knew how to share it with you I would.

The other amazing thing about the IEP was the room in which it took place. Mission High School is a beautiful building with incredible tile work and details throughout. The current building was constructed in the mid 1920's, after a fire destroyed the original building.  I had never been in this particular room before. It is in the back of the counseling office, and was apparently one used as the school library. There was an incredible mural in the room which I've since learned was  "painted by California artist Edith Hamlin, who was commissioned by the Works Progress Administration’s Federal Art Project. The murals depict work and recreational activities at Mission Dolores in the early days." *   I also read that famous artist Maynard Dixon, who later married Edith Hamlin, consulted on the murals.  

I had to snap pictures of it. They overlap because I could not capture the entire thing in one shot, but you will get the drift.

. Not bad for a back room of an inner city public high school that far too many people dismiss. It is easy to be inspired in a room with a treasure like this

Will there ever be money for things like this again? Or will we all be marveling at the manner in which they can get 100 cars parked in a lot designed for 40.

Have a great weekend. Pray my nurse shows up!

* authored by Tam Tran


  1. Remarkable -- and your comment about whether we'll ever see the likes of great art in our public schools makes me sad.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ease, relief and sleep for you!

  2. What incredible murals tucked into a high school. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing!


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