Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Grand Day!

Hope everyone survived St. Patrick's Day unscathed. We did the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner here with family. We were nine for dinner and went through a ton of food. But, happily, there's still a ton left! That was just the end to a great St. Patrick's Day. No, we didn't go to the parade or anything. Maggie and I horned in on my sister and her husband as they revived an old St. Patricks' Day tradition from my family.

The day started typically enough. Maggie and I were up early just hanging around. It was still a bit dark. My sister Joni started texting me pictures. She and her husband Vince were in the middle of San Francisco Bay in a rowboat. They were piloting the Coghlan Beach Swim for the South End Rowing Club.

I've written about Coghlan Beach before, It's named after my dad, Frank Coghlan, but really only the Bay Swimmers call it that.  (check out the story Maggie World: Coghlan Beach). Joan and Vince were in a rowboat watching out for the swimmers in the water. Here's Coghlan Beach from the rowboat and a stunning picture of Ghiradelli Square
She also sent pictures of the two of them in the boat. 

It just looked freezing, so I sent her this picture in return.

Still I was impressed with their adventure and  decided Maggie and I needed to get down there for the presentation of the St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh.  This is something my dad used to do after the Coghlan Beach swim. The shillelagh was presented to the winner of the swim and my brother in law, who is also a member of the South End, was going to make the presentations. 

Maggie had been fed and was all dressed. Steve and Tim were still asleep so we just took off. By the time we got there the swim was over and the breakfast/award ceremony was beginning.Vince gave a great speech about my dad and the history of the swim. He commended the swimmers for braving the 51degree water, stating he knows his cold limit is 53 degrees. (Ay yi yi!) People were excited that two of Frank Coghlan's daughters and one granddaughter (Maggie) were there. It was cool

I hadn't been in that club in about 20 years and I forgot how cool it is. There are all these beautiful rowboats and various swimmers and rowers all around in various states of undress. They are definitely characters. Different faces than I remember, but the same type of individuals. It's also cool that there are a ton of pictures of my dad on the walls.

That gave St Patrick's day the right feel. 


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