Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maggie's World Goes International

There will be a slight deviation from a Maggie centered post today so I can brag about a friend of ours.  Perhaps I will impose that rule whenever someone we know is appointed to an important federal/international position.

J. Christopher Stevens is a good friend of Steve's. They were roommates for a while at Cal Berkeley 30 years ago and have been friends ever since. He is a great guy and comes over for dinner whenever he is in the Bay Area visiting family. I took this picture of Steve and Chris in our living room last October.

We saw him again in January, but now it may be a while before we see him again. President Obama recently appointed him Ambassador to Libya. 

Chiris is a career diplomat and has served all over the Middle East for the past 20+ years. Most recently he was the special envoy to the opposition forces (now transitional government) in Libya during the revolution. He was in Benghazi throughout the fighting. The United States closed the Embassy in Libya, but Chris and others were there.


Today is the Senate Confirmation hearing which I intend to watch on C-Span. Don't think me unpatriotic, but I have never before tuned in C-Span and I'm not even sure what channel it is. But I will be sitting there just before noon West Coast time, popcorn in hand to watch the hearings.

I'm very proud to know him and count him as a friend, even if it's only by marriage.

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  1. Wow. That's awesome. And so interesting. I think you should interview him so we can hear all about his new post. Maybe I'll even turn on C-Span for the first time, too, and say that I am the friend of Chris, by internet friendship!


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