Thursday, March 22, 2012

Signed, sealed and delivered

Despite my best efforts to get all the paperwork done, I had to make another trip down to Social Security yesterday. Our lengthy visit a couple of weeks ago and the follow up phone call wasn't enough. Somehow in all the confusion we never completed the paperwork for me to be Maggies' designated payee for her benefits, when they start to come.

The call came from the worker I went to before. When I arrived he said he didn't know why things weren't approved already because her case is so obvious. That's nice to hear, but I never expected it to be done so quickly. He was busy and asked his co worker to assist me. Of course his co worker has never seen Maggie.

I had to complete a lengthy interview and show my good moral character and promise, under penalty of perjury, not to steal or misuse the funds intended for Maggie. OK. Sure. Of course now that Maggie is 18, she has to agree to this. Since she had already been down there, he said I could bring the paper home to have her sign it.

I just looked at him and then said, "Umm.... she cannot sign a piece of paper. She cannot hold a pen and would not have the foggiest idea of what she is signing." He said, "OK, just have her make a mark and then have two witnesses." I shrugged. "OK. Will do."

I vowed to have the conservatorship ready to go when she turned 18 to avoid precisely this type of thing; but of course I put if off and delayed and it has not yet been filed with the court. This was an excellent impetus to get that done.

As soon as Maggie arrived from school I solemnly put the paper before her and told her that she had to sign it so that she could get Social Security. After she dropped the pen four times I decided we needed to get this on video. It was hard to do because I had to help her with the pen and we were all laughing at the same time, but you will get the gist. We tried to make it as formal as possible.

I'm sure you will agree that Maggie's rights were adequately protected here. And now you can all witness it too.

In addition to being her designated payee, I am also the designated sealer and deliverer. Maggie signed, now it's up to me to seal and deliver it.

Please let this be the end of it.

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  1. Un-freaking believable.

    I know I need to start this now. Do I need an attorney to get started? I did get the conservator info packet from our regional center and a list of attorneys, but I'm not sure whether I should just do it myself. What do you think?


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