Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I learned more about Maggie's wheelchair falling over when she came home from school. Apparently it wasn't such a slow fall*, but a crash and she landed a little to her side. The driver stopped the bus on the hill in the middle of traffic to fix things. Her nurse said Maggie was shaking with fear, but physically unhurt.

I called the classroom to check on her before I went to the dentist because I knew I would be out of touch for a while. The teacher said she was working and happy so I didn't worry. I knew, though that there would be more when she came home. And there was.

Her physical therapist comes on Tuesdays to work with Maggie in the walker. This is very difficult for Maggie. She is never upright and it's a bit scary.  I'm sure you can figure out what happened. As soon as we put her in the walker she started to melt down. This has happened before, but this time it was different. Maggie was inconsolable. We immediately took her out and put her in the chair, but she could not stop crying. After a few minutes I took her out of the chair and sat with her on the couch while she just cried out all her fear.

It would have broken your heart. She was so sad and so frightened and all the hugs and kisses and reassurance could not make it go away. It was the exact same reaction she had when her wheelchair fell over in middle school. She waited until she got home to mom and then completely fell apart. She finally recovered after about 45 minutes of solid crying. By then she was exhausted. So was I.

When her bus arrived this morning her regular driver was back (that was a sub yesterday.) He knew what happened and took no offense when I said, Please use the tie downs.

They got to school without incident.

*no one told me it went over slowly, I think I just saw it that way in my mind and wanted to believe it.

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  1. I should have read this first. Sounds like she was quite shook up. Poor Maggie. I hope that she's feeling safe again now! I'm sure she was jsut as relieved as you to see the regular driver...


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