Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Great start to a Tuesday

Maggie is out the door and onto the bus and I come back inside to begin my routine of ignoring everything I need to do so I can read the paper, check facebook, etc.

About 10 minutes after they leave I get  phone call from the nurse. Maggie's wheelchair tipped over backwards on the bus as it was chugging up Fulton Street.  Maggie stayed in the chair as it went over. She has seven buckles keeping her in that chair and all were secure. Seems the substitute driver didn't completely secure the tie downs.

Maggie is fine and safe, though a bit frightened.

 I, however, have an incredible stomach ache.

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  1. Holy cow - how scary! I'm glad she's ok. Oscar once fell out of his bus seat still strapped into his carseat. He was ok too, but 8 years later it still makes me feel ill.


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