Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eddie's Birthday!

My first born is 24 today. I'm not sure how that happened. I could wax poetic about all the things he did as a baby, which seems like five minutes ago. Because he IS 24, I will show some respect and keep those stories to myself.

He is celebrating(?) his birthday on the road. He is somewhere between Las Vegas and Colorado where he is headed for another work event. Not much fun, but that's the downside of getting older. Your birthday is just a regular day. Well, Eddie, I can tell you it is definitely not a regular day to me. (*wipes away motherly tear*). Happy Birthday!

Saturday we drove down to Monterey to see him at the Sea Otter Classic, where he was working over the weekend.  Maggie stayed here with the nurse while Steve and I did a quick nine hour jaunt to take him out to dinner. I brought a birthday cake which Maggie helped me bake.

When Maggie helps in the kitchen she is usually throwing pots out of the drawer or saying over and over again, "mom, I cook."  This time I gave her a task. I told her Eddie's birthday was Tuesday and she needed to say Happy Birthday to him on her dynavox. I wasn't sure if she could do that but when I realized she was starting, I turned on the video on my phone.  It took her a minute but she got it done. Watch.

She never ceases to amaze me. 

We put that on Eddie's facebook first thing, so Maggie could be the first one to wish him a Happy Birthday. I told her that it was three days early, but she didn't care. When Maggie wants something you just do it. Life is so much easier that way. Teenage girl runs the house - not earthshaking news at all. 

We frosted the cake and I tried to get a picture with the cake on Maggie's wheelchair tray, but that cake would have had a giant hand print in it and she would have had an allergic reaction, so we opted to keep in on the counter where both she and the cake were safe.

That cake traveled from here to Monterey, California,  from Monterey to Las Vegas, Nevada and is now en route to Colorado. I do believe it's my first interstate dessert.

Happy Birthday Eduardo!


  1. You know, now that I've actually met Maggie, I'm even more impressed with her spirit and smarts.

    Happy Birthday to your son, and happy birth day to you!

  2. That is just amazing! It brought tears to my eyes. So smart!!!!!

  3. My daughters are both DynaVox users, one uses step scanning and the other direct select,but neither of them are able to generate sentences.
    Maggie is amazing! She is arock star in the AAC world!


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