Monday, April 23, 2012

No school Monday

No school for Maggie today. There were teacher meetings or some such thing. This us the type of day off my mother used to call "janitor got a new broom day." I didn't really really get her sarcasm when I was the one with the day off.

I understand it better now.

Maggie enjoyed a fun filled morning with me. We listened to her music and then went to north beach to get Maggie's haircut. No one enjoys a haircut more than Maggie.

She enjoyed a quick  
feeding and then helped me at Safeway. She loved the pepper display I let her pick one even though nether she nor I touch the things. (she can't, I won't).

We were back here when the nurse arrived. They two of them of them are hanging out while I work.

Perhaps I should get back to that.

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