Monday, April 16, 2012

Jeez Mom!!

The nurse that comes on Sunday nights does almost all of the morning routine for me. I love that. I don't have to lift Maggie or fill the oxygen tank, or stuff the dynavox into her bag. She even takes the tray downstairs on her way out. That gives me an extra 10 - 15 minutes in the morning, which is great.

Really all I have to is complete the package. Sometimes that means adjusting a mis-matched outfit, but not today. I changed her scarf, which was already wet and needed changing and brushed her hair and she was set. The last thing I do before we leave is feed Maggie. She is fed slowly overnight, but that stops around 6:30. She's not hungry per se, but she can't make it to the next feeding either.  I give her a bolus of food so she starts out full and on schedule for her day.

This morning I did the finishing touches and said, "All I have to to is feed you Maggie and you can go to school."

Immediately after that I was sidetracked by something. Five minutes later I was in her room drawing a complete blank on what needed to be done. I said, "Maggie I came in her to do something but I can't remember what it is." (All you young people out there, stop laughing. It will happen to you too).

I looked at Maggie and she just raised up the bottom of her shirt to show me her feeding tube. RIGHT! You need to be fed. She was reminding me!!

 I thanked her profusely and she laughed her head off quite proud of herself.

She was laughing WITH me, not AT me. Right?

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  1. I love how Maggie humors you and keeps you on your toes. These exchanges with her are priceless, and I'm glad that you share them.


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