Saturday, April 14, 2012

No Place Like Home

A frustrating morning is turning out alright.

Steve needed to bring his car to the dealer for some recall item. I laughed when I heard him make arrangements to drop it off at 7:00AM on Saturday. He's not really an early morning guy. But it made sense. He needs the car all week and dropping it off early Saturday insures it will be done today. Still 7:00AM is early for him, especially when he arrives after 11:00PM from an overnight trip to court in a distant county.

I thought what the heck, we'll make an adventure out of it. Maggie and I would pick him up at the dealer and the three of us could go out to breakfast. At 6:55 AM I had to yell at him to get out of bed and get the car down there. Maggie and I left about 15 minutes after he did and picked him up. At the last moment I took pity on the dog and invited him along. That was a tactical error because it further limited our options.  Now we needed to find a place to eat outside so the dog wouldn't freak out. But it was a little cold, so the outside patio had to be in the sunshine for Maggie and for us.

We wandered about, but many places like that cater more to the Brunch set and weren't even opened yet. We headed down by AT&T Park, because its Giants opening weekend and everything is in celebration mode. Not really many breakfast places down there - but lots of taverns. Didn't seem right for us. Maggie started coughing and as we turned to suction her, I realized I forgot the suction machine. We had to rush home. (It was just too early for me too)
We dropped off the dog and started out again, this time in our neighborhood. The neighborhood places are small and don't really fit Maggie's chair. I'm not making an ADA statement here. She would sort of fit and no one would turn us away, but it's not very comfortable.  Steve suggested another neighborhood across town and I said No. I'm not driving any place else. I was irked. Something as simple as breakfast out was too complicated for us.

This stuff gets old.

We gave up, went to Safeway, bough some eggs and came home. Of course I dropped the bag of groceries and lost three eggs in the crash which only added to my frustration.

When we arrived, our back deck was bathed in sunlight and protected from the cool breeze. I made scrambled eggs and toast and we found exactly what we were looking for. Dorothy was right. After all of our searching, it turns out there really is no place like home.

Maggie enjoyed that but she was ready to move on to the next adventure. She didn't have much fun riding around town in the dawn's early light either. She just worked her Dynavox until she assured Steve they needed to head to the park. They took the dog leaving me a few minutes of peace.

I'm going back out to the deck with the paper. 

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  1. Thank you for your stories. You are an excellent story teller. And very wise.


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