Thursday, May 3, 2012

Forget it!

All week long I have been waiting for Thursday morning so I could get rid of the temporary crown in my mouth, which tasted like stale gum, and get the new one popped on. I couldn't forget May 3 because it's my wedding anniversary. Steve and I can go to dinner tonight with my beautiful new crown in place.

I woke up early this morning to get my shower done before starting Maggie's morning routine because I knew I wouldn't have time after. The bus was a little later than usual, but Maggie got off to school without too much trouble. I came inside, talked to Steve. We exchanged gifts and laughed because both were so practical. Hey, that's likely what got us to 26 years.

 I did this and that and the looked at the clock. 8:58. Almost 9:00. Hmmm... What did I have to do today? Then I remembered. 8:58?  Jeez, I have to be at the dentist at 9:00. I flew out the door in my sweats and with coffee on my breath. I  called the office as I got into the car and zoomed down there.

Since I have the nicest dentist in the world it wasn't a problem for him.  I, however, am a little troubled by it. I used to have a mind like a steel trap but now there is just too much going on and my little brain cannot keep everything straight.

Of course I had just finished fouling off another curveball. Maggie's nurse called in sick at the last minute yesterday because her back hurt. Ok, these things happen. I found a replacement lickety split. The she called back last night to tell me she would be out for a week because she has shingles. (Third case I've heard about this week.)  Ok. Bummer for her. I checked online about exposure to shingles and I'm not worried about Maggie because she had the chicken pox vaccine. (You can't "catch" shingles, but you can catch the virus and it causes chicken pox in people who never had it).

Maggie went off to school and then the school was concerned if Maggie was exposing other students to chicken pox. I didn't think so, but I had to check with the doctor because online sources are notoriously unreliable. This time they were right on the money.  Everything is cool, Maggie is not in fact Typhoid Mary (Margaret) and she is not infecting anyone at school.

Somehow, though I am going to blame her for my memory lapse. It couldn't be my advanced age. It must be something we catch from our kids.


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