Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prom Prep

The Prom is Friday night. Maggie is excited. My friend Rose is coming over to do some alterations on the dress today and Maggie is ready to model. Maybe we'll tease with some pictures later. Stay tuned

In a sad turn of events, however, her date will not be able to go because he is stuck in the hospital. I called his mom yesterday and asked if Maggie can come by before the prom to visit. If it would make him happy, great. If it would make him sad, then we wouldn't do it. She agreed it was a great idea.

Once she is all ready to go, Maggie will stop by the hospital in her prom dress and he will be in his suit, with the shirt that matches Maggie's dress, so they can take pictures.

Maggie will love it and he will love it.

Sows ear, meet silk purse.

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  1. I can't wait to see -- feel privileged, actually, that I've already seen the dress!

    And you are so kind to take Maggie to visit her date in the hospital.


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