Thursday, June 28, 2012

A step forward

I know people see this issue from very different points of view, but I have to say I am delighted by the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold the Health Care law. I'm aware of the issues and have no desire to debate them; nor do I wish to do a victory dance that it passed. My delight is from the message that was sent. Today the court said that Maggie and people like her matter.

When your life is so involved in the medical world, you are close enough to see a lot of flaws. One of those is that people - and especially sick or disabled people - are sometimes treated like disposable objects. It is the the sickest and most disabled who were being cut off from, or denied needed benefits. Their medical conditions were used against them to deny them access to medical care. It was a dizzying argument. Today's decision changes that course for a lot of people. Today's decision says that sick and disabled people, including Maggie, matter too.

I feel like society took a small step forward today.


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