Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This article really got me down, but it does shine light on an important problem

This story is heartbreaking - from every perspective. A mom of a young mentally disabled woman abandoned her daughter so that the state would have to care for her. Because the young woman is 19 and technically an adult, the mom has no criminal liability for this because the mom doesn't have any legal obligation to provide care for her grown daughter.   I understand and believe that the mom had no choice; and I know there are very few services out there for disabled adults and it scares the crap out of me.

I wonder if Maggie will always be able to live with us. I worry that she will not.  I certainly do not have any plans to change anything, but I fret about that and how very hard it will be to place her somewhere else,  if some place could even be found. I know it would be the hardest thing I would ever have to do. I know many parents who have had to make that decision and no one does it lightly. Every family has to do what's right for them and for the disabled person in their life and those who make thoughtful decision have my respect, whether if I would reach the same decision or not.  

The mom in the story took her daughter to a place where she thought the young woman would get good care, and I suppose that is one small mark in her favor; but there are so many better ways to go about this. Pretty much anything would be better than leaving her daughter on the side of the road without any information whatsoever about her identity, medical needs, wants, like and dislikes. The young woman must have been so frightened. That part is unforgivable. 

I understand that the mom was at her wits end and did nothing illegal; but there is legal conduct and then there is moral conduct. 

I hope that young woman finds some love in Tennessee.


  1. A bar, though? What a place to leave her. Some ill intentioned person might have picked her up and a lot could have happened. A hospital, a nursing home, a church, a school but a bar?

  2. Elizabeth left this somment and somehow I deleted it instead of publishing it. (too many electronics0 I like the image of this girl being left with Norm and Cliffy much better than the one in my head

    Where everybody knows her name

    "I've been dying to make this joke and knew that I could do it here. What if the bar had been like the one in "Cheers?"'


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