Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Get off the computer, Mom.

I may have just set the record for how many tasks one can do at a time.

This morning I got up very early and decided to go online. I know better than  to sit at the computer for even one second before I have Maggie all ready to go. It's so easy to flit away a few minutes and then a few more. That wasn't going to happen to me today, though. I had plenty of time. I got up and filled the oxygen tank and I programmed Maggie's dynavox while the computer was starting. Very organized and efficient.

That gave me a false sense of time security.

Suddenly I had about two minutes before the bus and 10 minutes of things to do. I quickly fed Maggie, put her jacket halfway on, put the tray outside and told the school nurse, who was already outside, that I was coming as fast as I could, put Maggie in the chair with just the leg straps and headed out the back door to the elevator.

I had the hairbrush and her trach scarf in my hand and the IPOD shuffle in my mouth. My plan was to brush her hair and tie the scarf during the 90 second ride downstairs. Of course I would have to do both with one hand because the elevator requires one to hold the button in place to keep it moving. No problem, I've done that before.

Just as we started down, Maggie did one of those coughs really needed to be suctioned. The Ipod, hairbrush and scarf moved to the same hand I was using for the elevator button and  I reached for the suction. Good thing I moved the IPOD, because I needed my mouth again. The tip of the suction was inside a glove for cleanliness, but it was stuck on the glove material. I pulled the glove off with my teeth. Not so sure about the cleanliness now, but I only bit the outside of the glove and managed to suction her while we were descending. I also managed to get her hair brushed before we arrived at the ground floor. .

The dog was barking furiously, which means the bus is outside. I opened the garage door, quickly tied her scarf and put the IPOD with the player. Nurse Janice, who had already retrieved the tray from the front porch, put Maggie's other arm in the jacket and together we did the chest and waist straps. The bus driver just grinned at the flurry of activity kindly dismissing my apologies.

As he loaded Maggie onto the bus, the driver said, "Now you have plenty of time." I just looked at him and said, "Now I don't need it. My work is done."

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  1. The only thing missing was a mimosa, perhaps, that you sipped while descending.


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