Monday, October 8, 2012

Back at it

It is Monday following the busiest weekend in the history of San Francisco. And it's Columbus Day or Indigenous People's day. Whatever you call it, it's a day off school for Maggie so Mom is "on" for one more day.


We are all very tired around here. There was so much going on in the City that it was exhausting just trying to decide what to do. We had a friend staying with us so he could join in the fun too and that was great. There were several major events including the America's Cup races, the Giants and 49er games, and The Castro Street Fair - none of which we attended. It was fleet week and there were tons of military personnel walking around. and the Blue Angels screaming overhead. Everybody took part in that.

There was also the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate park that drew easily 200,000+ people each day for three days -- most of whom needed to park in our neighborhood. That meant we really couldn't use the car all weekend because we would never be able to park again. I skipped the festival this year but Steve and his friend Chris walked down there on Saturday and stayed for several hours. We also went down to North Beach yesterday to attend the Sts. Peter and Paul Bazaar and watch the Italian Heritage Parade, which is always a hoot. I had to grab this picture of the nuns waving at the kids who were in the parade as they passed the convent.

We walked back through Chinatown and Steve stopped to buy some fish at his favorite little market. Apparently Steve likes it because he looks like Gulliver in Lilliputian land. He was a head taller than every other shopper in there.

All of these events are too crowded, too far away, or just too much for Maggie. That meant she needed her own outings. Another of Steve's friends was coming to Breakfast on Saturday morning, and i wasn't sure how we would fit in an outing for Maggie. Killing two birds with one stone, I sent her on a walk to the grocery store with Steve and Chris to get a few last minute things on Saturday. she pinched a package if bagels and Steve had to go back and pay for them.

Sunday we all walked over to the museum and took in some Gaugin and Renoir before stopping at the now fading dahlia garden

Today Maggie and I hit the mall as she was suffering from retail withdrawal. Now I need to hit napland but alas it does not appear to be on Maggie's schedule today

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  1. My new favorite word: Faboo.

    And that photo of Stevulliver is hilarious.


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