Thursday, October 4, 2012

Warrior Woman

This turning 18 thing is complicated.

First we had to do the social security stuff which was an adventure. then we had to get the consesrvatorship which was a long drawn out adventure. Two weeks ago Maggie received a jury summons, which we took care of. And yesterday a new wrinkle. Maggie received a call from a military recruiter.

The phone call went as follows:

Male voice:  I would like to speak to Mary Donald, please.
me:(pause): who's calling?
Male Voice: this is Joe Blow I am the military recruiter assigned to Mission High school
me (pause) First of all it's Mary MCDonald, but Listen, Sir. She's not going to...
Male Voice: (very polite but firm) Ma'am, she is over 18 isn't that right? Can I speak to her, please
Me: (no pause) No you really cannot talk to her, but it's not what you think. She won't be able to talk to you. She's non verbal and a quadriplegic.
Male Voice: I apologize ma'am, we will take her name off the list. (faint sound of the delete button in the background)

I told Steve and he noted the military provides free medical care. Tempting, but NO.

In all honesty having Maggie as a secret weapon in our military would be unfair to our enemies. .


  1. Oh, good God, it just never ends.

  2. hi sally

    how did u handle jury duty? can Maggie still vote?

  3. We had a recruiter come to the house because we didn't answer their calls. It upset me a lot, but I did hold it together enough to point out my daughter's oxygen concentrator, IV pole, suction machine, therapy vest, cough assist machine, nebulizer, BiPAP and wheelchair, asking if there would be room for all that as well as a nurse in the barracks or where ever new recruits lived.


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