Monday, October 22, 2012

Showers with a chance of Baseball

First real rain of the season started lat night and continued through the night. Rain on the windows and roof is such a wonderful sound to hear when you are snuggled up in bed. But then you have to get up and get Maggie to the bus in the elevator that is open to the elements.

The elevator is slow - it takes about 90 seconds to go from the deck outside Maggie's room down to the backyard. Most days it's a pleasant minute and a half that Maggie and I are cut off from the world. We joke and laugh and have a great time during our ride to the ground level. We really don't notice how slow the lift is going because we have so much fun. When it's pouring down rain, the focus is centered on the very s l o w ride down. 90 seconds in one place during a downpour is a very very long time indeed.

I did grab an umbrella to shield us from the worst of it but it is difficult to hold the umbrella and hold the button to make the elevator go at one time. Also I have to keep shifting the umbrella to avoid getting it caught on the shaft as we descend. And there is no way to cover everything, so Maggie had a dry head and wet knees. We made it down in one piece, but Maggie was less than amused.

It didn't help that I didn't get a chance to feed her. Her nighttime feeds are turned off around 6 and I always give her a feeding in the morning before she goes to school. My plan was to feed her when we got downstairs but the bus was already there waiting for us. The school nurse promised to feed her as soon as they arrived at school, so she would only be about 30 minutes late.

Now the rain has stopped. It is supposed to shower all day today and with our luck those showers will hit just as she comes home and has to come back up the elevator.  But she will survive this indignity with her usual grace and aplomb.

We just need the rain to be gone by game time. The Giants play the Cardinals in Game 7 of the NCLS today and I don't think any of us can tolerate a rain delay.

Maggie will be ready:

(Lest you think I'm neglectful, this picture was not taken this morning. She does not wear shorts when it's raining. This is from a sunny day in September.) 

Go Giants! 


  1. I can't imagine how excited you are tonight! And I'm glad that you clarified Maggie's outfit and that you weren't sending her to school in inappropriate attire. I will always remember that hilarious post you wrote when a nurse had a somewhat deviant fashion sense!

  2. Hello Miss Maggie,
    My daughter and I are devoted followers of you, even though I rarely comment. I love your sweet Mom's wonderful writing and devotion to you. I am very, very happy for you and your Giants! We are very happy also as we are huge Detroit Tiger fans. For the next little while we may have a few differences of opinion.
    If the Series doesn't go the way we hope it does, we will be comforted by knowing how happy YOU are!

  3. Nothing is better than Fall... and the Giants kicking some Tiger butt!!!!!!


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