Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Injured reserve

 The constant lifting and dealing with heavy equipment takes its toll on parents of the disabled. In the 18.5 years that I have cared for Maggie I have had my share of injuries.I have injured both shoulders, my back, my neck, jammed my fingers, and sustained countless bruises from walking into pieces of equipment.  Somehow, in all this time I have never run over my foot with the wheelchair. Until yesterday.


I was unloading the chair from the van, which requires some twisting and pulling - both of the chair and of my various muscles. I was in an awkward position as I started lowering it down the ramp. It started to pick up speed and obviously I can't let go or she will crash. In regaining control, I didn't have time to move my foot and wham-o.  Holy moley, that was painful.

Of course I was not wearing the shoes I ALWAYS wear - Dansko clogs. Those would have saved me. I think they could stop a freight train.

instead I was wearing these little moccasins and never stood a chance

I thought I broke one or two toes, but they seem to be only bruised. Just something to add to my injury list.
Maggie thought it was hilarious when I started dancing around and spewing expletives. She  is hoping I will add a couple of those words to her dynavox.

I think not. 

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  1. Ouch. I am sorry about that -- you are one tough lady! I do think Maggie should have the freedom to curse, though.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely people!


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