Monday, November 19, 2012

Holly Daze

Would someone kindly explain to me how Thanksgiving week arrived already? Seems like I lost a month or so somewhere along the line.

Maggie is off school on Wednesday so she and I will make the stuffing and pies and set the table together. I like to have all that stuff done by Wednesday night so Thursday is just a matter of cooking. No baking, no other prep. There's plenty to do without worrying about readying the house.

I am hoping to take Tim and pop over to my mom's to say hello to "my side" of the family, who are gathering there. We will have dinner here, but it would be nice to say hello to nieces and nephews I haven't seen for a while. Hope that works out, timing wise. We shall see.

We will be 10 this year, down from our 16 from last year.. Eddie is not coming home, he and Grace are headed up to her parents house. Steve's sister and her family are going to her mother in law's house,  so its just Steve's brother and his family, my father in law and Josephine, one of Maggie's nurses who doesn't have any family here. If anyone out there needs a place to be for Thanksgiving, let me know. We have room and lots of food.

Not sure what the plans are for the weekend following. We will see Steve's family more over the weekend but schedules are conflicting. I will just wait and see what we can do. I cannot take Maggie to a lot of places and may have to miss those gatherings. I used to just drag her around and pretend it wasn't a problem, but I can't pretend anymore.  It would be nice if she could be included in things, but if the destination or planned activity is too much for Maggie,we just stay back. She's always invited, but unless you are living the logistics, people don't realize what is entailed in getting her places. Doesn't matter, Maggie and I have fun no matter what we do.

I can tell you this, I will NOT be shopping on Black Friday.*shudder* I find the whole thing to be a distasteful display. Saw this picture on facebook and it cracked me up.

And now with the stores opening on Thanksgiving night, sheesh! Nothing is sacred anymore.

So, let the Holidaze begin!

I should be back before Thursday, but just in case, Happy Thanksgiving week folks.

I am grateful that you spend time reading this blog!


  1. Have a wonderful week, including NOT shopping!

  2. Happy Thanksgving to you and your whole family, especially MAGGIE!!!


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