Monday, December 3, 2012

Ahhhh, Monday

I know I'm not normal. I absolutely love Monday morning. Especially after a wild weekend. The busiest weekend in recent memory has ended. It was a good one, but wow, I am certainly tired.

Saturday night Steven and I hosted the holiday party for the lawyers in Steve's office. there were about 35 people invited for a catered dinner. Originally we were going to do it here and move Maggie and all her equipment and supplies upstairs for the evening, move the furniture down to the basement, put a tent over the deck and squeeze everyone in. My mom offered her big party house instead. Originally I said no but upon reflection (and my sister saying ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?) I jumped at it.

There was still lots of rearranging to do, but Maggie was not disrupted. Parking is an Olympic sport in this neighborhood but plentiful at my mom's house, which is so much easier. Also, since it was absolutely pouring rain all weekend, and Maggie's bathroom sprung a leak, I am especially glad we didn't do it here. It all went great, though I still have to get Tim back over there to put everything back where it goes.

My mom was so generous to do that even though all she really got out of it were a few decorations. Her beautiful house looked more beautiful than ever. Walking up the front porch folks were welcomed by several poinsettias and a beautiful wreath and then the entry hall had even bigger poinsettias and small trees (which were then given as gifts when folks left)

The party went perfectly and everyone had a great time. 

Maggie was not that pleased with the whole arrangement, though, as she was stuck at home with the nurse. She and Steve were gong to go out on Saturday morning, but they did home repairs instead. Steve decided to replace the hot water dispenser Saturday morning  had Maggie help him. I freaked out a little when he handed her his power drill, but she thought that was hilarious. And if you need to ask, the answer is NO, he did not let her actually use it. But she did get to press the button while he was holding it and that cracked her up.

Unfortunately for Maggie the installation took all day and she never got to go out, and then Sunday morning was the craziest part of the stormy weekend, so she spent the weekend indoors. The rain cleared around noon, but Steve and I had tickets to the matinee of The Book of Mormon so Maggie was stuck inside again. That play is absolutely hilarious. If you are easily offended I would stay away, but there are some raucous laughs in that play.

Nothing is on the calendar for this weekend, so we will take Maggie out of the town to make up for her weekend of indoor solitude. I think we might have to do our trip to see the Christmas windows downtown.


  1. I'm impressed. I'm always impressed with you, actually. And I so wish I could go strolling with you and Maggie as you check out the holiday windows.

  2. Have you ever been to the Dickens Christmas Fair? The last couple of hours of the day (about 5-7) the crowds are gone, or packed into a couple shows, and it would be fairly easy to get Maggie around the "streets" of London. In the past they have had cheap tickets for people coming in after 4:30pm.


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