Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Call me Maybe

Several phone calls today, in and out. I have ordered Maggie's oxygen, and made an appointment for her flu shot the day after her visit to the pulmonologist next week. I followed up on several calls for things in my "to do" pile, calling  insurance companies, etc etc. I saw there was a major accident that closed the Golden Gate Bridge and managed to call Tim just in time to prevent him from getting stuck in the traffic mess that ensued. (Once you are stuck in that type of mess, you are just stuck. There is no where to get off the road when the Bridge closes like that.) The phone was my ally today.  The diapers and other supplies were delivered and Tim and I put them away. In addition I have finished a few non Maggie projects that have been languishing. Generally, I  feel a bit accomplished for a rainy day.

I finally was able to return a roto-call that Maggie has received 15 times about signing up for the voluntary/mandatory/voluntary specialized medication coverage provider through Anthem. After about 20 minutes working through the automated system I finally reached a live person and advised her that NO, we will not be signing up for this because Anthem is only the primary coverage and I have to get the medications at a pharmacy that will work with or utilize medi-cal, which is secondary. She warned me that I would be paying more out of pocket by not using them, I chuckled and said, " no, I won't." Medi-cal picks up the co-pays and one of her medications has a co-pay of $3700; hence the $10 or $20 charge for not using this service, is peanuts compared to the thousands it would cost me if I did. I think she understood and said she is making the famous "notation in the computer" so the calls will stop. I have trouble believing that, but hope springs eternal.

If I was successful in stopping that call that's great, but I have a few others to work on. Seems as though every time I put the phone down today, it rang. That's ok, it is designed for two way communication. I certainly used my end to get things done, so let's see what interesting people are trying to contact me. In addition to two of those roto calls I described above, the calls that have come in have been promising me a lower mortgage payment, a lower credit card payment, clean carpets/furniture, a good deal on gardening,  and have asked my opinion on numerous pressing issues. Not a single call of substance.

Why does it seem like I'm doing all the work in this telephone relationship? Maybe the landline really needs to go.

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  1. I'd love you to call me so I can pick your brain about insurance, guardianship issues and SSI. Let's make a telephone date, and I promise it'll be productive for both of us!


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