Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Hoops

There's nothing like New Years. Clean slate, fresh start, new beginnings, resolutions. Every thing starts again and it will be better than ever!

 That lasts until the fist real work days of the New Year.

Then it's just January.

The worst thing about January to me is all the new hoops through which I have to jump. There are new rules, new deductibles, new requirements and new documentation etc for Maggie from several corners. Each of them requires hours of attention and even if successful, will cost me more money. Medi-cal changes eliminate  some of her medications. The regional center is changing the way the nurses will be paid so that each nurse needs to complete a 40 page packet of information and wait longer for their checks (just initially, to be fair), the city needs new documentation that Maggie is actually entitled to a parking pass (for $100) for her nurse, PG&E also needs documentation of Maggie's medical needs, and the insurance company has a fresh new deductible along with new rules about getting Maggie's medications. Yet another form signed by the doctor may or may not excuse us from that. I won't know until I actually jump through that hoop.

So if you don't see me around as much for the next week or so, you will know where I am:

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  1. It appears that you're doing a better job jumping through hoops than I am -- are you smoking breadsticks, like me?


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