Monday, January 7, 2013

Tim's Excellent Adventure

It's Monday and Maggie went back to school. Generally I would be doing my dance of joy right now, but I don't feel very joyful. I'm a bit sad, actually, because Tim left this morning. In addition to putting Maggie on the school bus, I put Tim on an airplane to Chicago.
This is a new adventure for Tim. He is moving to Chicago for an indefinite amount of time. Could be three months, could be a year, could be forever. He's been stagnating here and he was smart enough to recognize that so he decided to take a leap and follow a dream. He will take classes at Second City and see if he can break into the very competitive world of stand-up comedy.

Kinda cool. Kinda crazy. But he's 22 and that's exactly when you should give things like this a shot. At 22 everything is possible and there is nothing holding you back. So you sell your truck, pack your bags and go. No matter what else you may think, this is an incredibly brave thing to do.

To be honest, there's a big part of me that's jealous.

And then there's the mom part of me that's worried.

Tim has never been in weather like they have in Chicago. That made Christmas shopping very easy. I just bought him the proper clothes and accessories for a California boy to handle an Illinois winter. Or what a California mom thinks are proper clothes to handle an Illinois winter.  We shall see.

Tim seems to have found a place to live, though he has to meet with his new roommates and landlord tomorrow to finalize things. He has a friend he can stay with for a week or so until that is settled. In a stroke of kismet (and the absolute wonder of facebook), Tim and potential his new roommate have a mutual friend, which they discovered only after connecting on facebook. The mutual friend is in London but vouched for each guy to the other. Nice little insurance for everyone.

Of course he will have to find a job immediately if he wants this adventure to last more than a few months. Tim is personable, reliable, capable and experienced in a variety of things, so he will find something. I will calm down a bit more when I know that has happened.

So the adventure begins. He said goodbye to Maggie this morning and she gave him a big hug. You can see her hand reaching up over his neck in the first picture. Once we got out in front she grabbed for his hand, which was so sweet.

He told Maggie over and over that he was going to Chicago, but she really doesn't know what that means. She will likely call for him on her talker for a while. "Tim, come home see Maggie" or "Tim, come downstairs." It will take her a few days to realize he is really gone and she's stuck with just her parents again. (Oh the humanity!) But we can skype with him and that will entertain her to no end.

Godspeed, Timmy. You are taking your shot and I admire that greatly. If anyone can make this work it is you.

One other thing: if you hit it big, please remember your mother.

And not just as a punchline.


  1. We will certainly keep our eye out for your budding star!! I hope Chicago works out for him... and he keeps warm! Burrrrr!

  2. This is so awesome!!!

  3. I am actually a transplanted Texan living in Chicago x5 years, this week. A friend who moved to SF from here, sent me to this blog. Bizarre how small the world. I emailed Tim and asked if he would be interested in meeting me, so I could feel comfortable referring him

  4. Wow Jess, that is wild. I presume this connection came through Jeri Hart who works with visually impaired infants, including my daughter Maggie when she was little. Jeri was sending Tim's info out to families she knew.
    Hope things can work!


  5. I felt a little teary reading this -- for you and for Maggie, mainly. But I'm also excited for Tim -- what an adventure, and those head shots are superb! Let me know if he needs any contacts -- I have several comedy writer friends here in LA (big time honchos, too) who are from Chicago and might be able to help him?

    Sending love to you and Maggie --


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