Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hello after a brief respite. It's a crazy week for me. Lots of places to be and things to do. It seems I have meetings or appointments stacked up with little time between for posting.

Today is my birthday. I have been eating nonstop for days and really need to stop, but it's just too fun. As my friend Linda said last night, the holiday eating pretty much goes form Halloween to St Patricks Day. Almost home!

Maggie knew today was my birthday. She has been saying it on her dynavox for a few days. Mom, Wed February 6 is your birthday mom"  I made a video of her saying one of those sentences last night. This one was particularly long as she was saying goodbye to her nurse Fely for the evening and saying she would see her tomorrow on my birthday.

But the best was this card she made me at school today. The school nurse told me Maggie wrote all the sentences and she knew EXACTLY how old I was turning.  She's brilliant - or she knows how to make her "36" year old mother very happy.

I sure feel tired for 36.

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