Monday, February 25, 2013

Junk Mail

 There is such a hullabaloo over the proposed cessation of Saturday delivery by the Post office. I see problems for bills and checks as well as issues with timing for deadlines. Then there is the (very) occasional important or fun piece of mail that comes. Despite these concerns, though, I think we can survive without Saturday mail. Maybe the post office will save enough money that they can discourage some of the junk mail, whether it is delivered on Saturday or any other day.

 In this day of environmental awareness, can we all just agree that direct mail ads and junk needs to stop. It is incredibly wasteful and annoying.  When the mail arrives I take it and stand next to the recycle bin and toss in whatever I can. Generally that's about 80-90% of my daily mail. No, I will not send you money, no I am not interested in a cruise, or in selling my house, or in refinancing my house, or in repairing my house or in cleaning my house, or in seventeen new credit cards or anything else with which you are bombarding me.  There must be folks who respond because I cannot imaging these companies would practice this annoying and wasteful practice if it wasn't profitable.

Over the years I have seen more than my fair share of junk. This house I live in used to belong to my grandmother. She died at 97 years of age but I would continue to receive offers addressed to her for LIFE INSURANCE for several years after she died. (Yes I was tempted, but the threat of jail time stopped me.) We received a lot from the military when the boys were in high school though they seemed to have the boys ages reversed. The military really wanted Tim at about age 13 but ignored Eddie until he was older. *shrug*.   Maybe Tim is bionic or something. Who knows? More for the recycle bin.

 We receive mail addressed to Steve's dad, who has never lived here, for my deceased aunt, who never lived here, for the boys, who no longer live here, and for those of us who actually do reside here. Today I had some sort of newspaper flyer that I didn't even look at, two credit card offers for the boys, one for me, a travel offer for my aunt who died four years ago, another refi offer, and something for Maggie and..... Hmmm. I had to open Maggie's. I just had to -- because as stupid as direct mail is, it's even more stupid when you apply it to Maggie's life.

It was a credit card offer from First Financial, a special offer for kids "heading to college" so they can learn how to use a credit card. No interest for a year, and then the typical/usurious rate of 29.9%. (so all that free interest spending would pay off for First Financial eventually) I read everything carefully and there would be absolutely nothing to stop Maggie from filling out this card, sending it back and heading to the mall.

Oh, that is, nothing except her inability to hold or use a pen or to read the card.

 There was also a special message for us, her parents.

The good news is, though, apparently she's headed to college. I have to admit, I feel a little sorry for whoever draws her as a dorm roommate but I wonder what her major will be.

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  1. I've thought about collecting all catalogs and junk for about a month or two and mailing it in a box to the company that sends the most crap. I get mail from my FIRST HUSBAND'S college fraternity. My favorite, though, is all the stuff that comes for Sophie -- last week she received some samples of detergent.


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