Thursday, February 21, 2013


"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the Spider to the Fly, 
                                                        (The Spider and The Fly 1929 Mary Howitt)

Maggie's complicated set of services and benefits is intricate and interdependent. In fact it is often referred to as a "web," which describes it perfectly.

Theoretically the web catches all the needs and issues. There are holes, of course but the strength of the web prevents anything from slipping through. Again, that is the theory, practical application varies tremendously. 

Part of the problem is that none of these strands see the entire web and none realize (or care) how crucial their role is to the whole picture. As long as they are doing their part it doesn't matter whether or not they understand the entire picture. But when one part fails it matters tremendously. Someone has to keep the web intact and in Maggie's life, that someone is me.

Generally the web works pretty well; but it is only as strong as the weakest strand. If one thing fails the entire web is compromised. Recently, a strand we never had to worry about weakened and now the holes in the web are gaping. Lately things look more like this.

I have been spinning new webs as fast as my eight spidermom arms can work, and supposedly things are will be back in place today, but it has been difficult. Maggie has been going without things she really needs, including some medications. The medications too are a web of protection for Maggie. It took years to find the right combination of things to keep her healthy. Now there are holes in that web too. We have to just wait and see if she gets sick from the gap.  

This old spider will not be happy if that happens. 

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  1. I wish it weren't this hard and that you got more credit for weaving something so beautiful.


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