Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Catching up and checking out.

Halloooo out there.

Sorry for the delay. All is well, it's just been CRAAAAZY busy around here.

Over the weekend Maggie's private designer, Anne Marie came with the final fitting for the prom dress. It is AMAZING, and it looks incredible on Maggie, but I'm going to make you wait until next week because it is a school project and Anne Marie wants to turn it in and let people see it in person before they see it on the internet. That's fair. Suffice it to say the Miss Maggie is over the moon excited about it. (and I may have accidentally posted a pic on a certain social media site as well...)

In other news, I started a job on Monday. Well, to be precise, I increased and existing job and have a new title. I work as a Parent Liaison at UCSF Benioff Children's hospital three days a week. I've been working in the Family Resource Room on Fridays for the past several months but the powers that be decided to increase my time and sort of formalize what I have already been doing. I have really spent an inordinate amount of time in the hospital and have a pretty good idea how things work. Now I can share that experience and knowledge with other parent and know that it was not for naught and it will be put to good use.

But the biggest news is this. I am leaving this morning for Chicago. Steve and I are going to visit Tim and watch the Giants play the Cubs at Wrigley Field on Friday. At least we hope we will. This is the forecast for the weekend in Chicago.  Steve left this morning so it includes Wednesday. FYI I talked to Steve and so far this is spot on.

Several rainy spells, possibly heavy and with the potential for thunder and even some hail, sweep the area in several clusters Wednesday.
The periods of rain are likely to be separated by precipitation-free cloudy spells. Wider coverage, more frequent downpours develop Wednesday with thunder and possible hail Wednesday night. Blustery, chilly, damp and raw through Wednesday night. Unseasonably chilly daytime highs 15-degrees below normal. Northeast winds 12 to 24 mph Wednesday increasing 13 to 28 mph with some 30+ mph gusts Wednesday night. Widespread rainfall of 1 to 3" is possible by daybreak Thursday morning.
Another cool damp day for most sections
Breezy east winds hold area temperatures in the middle to upper 40s (50s to lower 60s far south) during the day. Occasional showers and thunderstorms with some heavy downpours.
Mostly cloudy, blustery and cold with some rain or wet snow.
Quite chilly as temps remain in the 30s most of the day. Partly cloudy and cold at night. North to northeast winds 15 to 30 mph.
Partly sunny start to the day, then clouds build with a chance of brief showers.
Continued very cool with highs holding in the lower and middle 40s. An increase in high and mid-level clouds at night. Northwest winds diminish and become light variable overnight.
Thickening and lowering clouds with an increasing likelihood of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon..
Not as cold as afternoon highs surge to the middle 50s. More showers and thunderstorms possible at night. Southerly winds 10-18 mph.

 I might accidentally get on a plane headed to Hawaii. No, what's a little weather for a California girl who owns a ton of sweaters? I am looking forward to seeing my son who left for Chicago at the beginning of the year and also catching up with friends who live there. I'm sure we can find plenty of ways to entertain ourselves if the Giants are rained - or rather snowed - out. There seems to be plenty to do.

Maggie is staying here with her nurses and my wonderful sister Joni and her husband are staying in the house while we are gone. Joni can't do any of the things Maggie needs medically and she wondered what her role would be. She asked "am I just supposed to LOVE Maggie?"

I said exactly.

See you all next week and pictures of the amazing prom dress will be unveiled.

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