Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Notebook

I love The Notebook.  No, not the movie. It's an actual notebook. I think I bought it at Christmastime when I was shopping for others. That's the only time I really "shop" and find all sorts of little trinkets to buy for myself. It was pale blue and pretty and on sale and that's pretty much all I needed to know.

I started using it immediately and amazingly, I have continued lo these 4 months. Whenever I talk to someone on the phone I write down the date and any other pertinent information in this notebook.

This is a huge improvement over my former "system" which involved the backs of used envelopes or other scraps of paper near whatever phone I was using. Inevitably they would be discarded as trash when in fact they had the key to cutting through hours of bureaucracy.  No one throws away The Notebook. I have names and dates and flight numbers and all sorts of things in The Notebook.  I can easily go back and find that confirmation number, or phone number or extension or whatever I need.  It's all in one place.

Yesterday I was trying to do 50 things at once and continued an important phone call as I drove to the bank (and YES I was hands free, thank you for asking.) I brought The Notebook with me so as not to miss jotting down that number or whatever crucial information I might need. I was very pleased with myself.

Sadly, when I returned home I accidentally left The Notebook in the car. Sadder still, I did not realize this until I was on hold with the Social Security Office this morning. The Notebook is especially helpful for things like conversations with Social Security. In fact that may be its greatest strength.

I was on the house phone, not the cell, and The Notebook was in the car around the corner.  I had to make a choice. Hang up or improvise. I could not hang up, I had too much invested. It takes so long to get through the phone system there and I was getting close to a REAL PERSON!!  I had to improvise. I knew an old envelope was dangerous and I anticipated a very long call, so I needed something bigger. I spied this oversized piece of cardboard and figured it was perfect. I could transfer it to The Notebook when I was done.

I tried to position the cardboard on the overcrowded table (mail, folded laundry and all matter of other things placed there during our brief  foray out of town). It was hard to find enough room. I placed it over the top of the computer, (pictured) tried to push the computer out of the way and then closed the computer putting the precious cardboard on top so I could take notes. As I wrote the date and who I was calling at the top of the cardboard, it suddenly dawned on me ---

Rather than use the computer as a backing for my cardboard, perhaps I could just open the top and type the information right into the computer. What a concept!

I hate it when technology makes me look like a dinosaur. I dutifully took notes typing everything pertinent into my computer. It is neat and orderly and I understand I may even be able to save it in some sort of file. Wow!

Of course that won't be necessary, because as soon As I was done I ran down to the car and transcribed my notes directly into The Notebook. All is "write" with my world again.

 The pen is mightier than a lot of things.

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  1. It's amazing the things we learn navigating the systems daily, no?


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