Thursday, May 2, 2013

Belated Prom report

Maggie looked like a princess at the prom. Her dress was like a cloud. She was excited to get dressed and excited to go. She dutifully posed for the pre prom pictures with dad and mom and by the time we were ready to get in the car she was beside herself.

When we arrived the paparazzi were there to greet us. That was hilarious. A couple of students and teachers were out in front greeting the students as they arrived and snapping pictures from all angles. Then they put the pictures on an overhead slideshow and played it throughout out the evening. It was wonderful to see the students all decked out with their giant smiles as they arrived. It was a great idea and they pulled it off perfectly.

This year Maggie did not have a date. As a matter of fact, none of her classmates attended the prom at all. In past years the teachers and staff have all attended and it has been a huge gathering of Maggie's peers, but for one reason or another, no one went this year. That was kind of a bummer, but we weren't going to let them dictate our fun.  We found a few kids who knew Maggie right away and she was happy. But they were on dates, and Maggie didn't want to be the 5th wheel (so to speak). Later her friend Liz came we we hung out with her.
Maggie's presence at the prom is not touted or ridiculed. The  students really don't care one way or the other. She is just one of the students from Mission at the prom. I love that. One girl was doing some fairly wild dancing and came over to Maggie and her friends. She may have been mocking them a bit, but I kept my mouth shut, because 1) I'm supposed to be invisible and 2) she seemed to be mocking everyone, not just the kids from special ed.
Equal opportunity mocking is part of high school life. (Mocking students with special needs because of their special needs is something else again) It was a bit distasteful, but better left alone. Besides, that moment was completely erased when this lovely student approached Maggie to tell her how beautiful she looked. As you can see, Maggie was fairly delighted at the attention.

Maggie did some dancing and the kids welcomed her on the dance floor. She really got into it for a while there.

After a while Maggie ran out of gas. We called Dad to come and retrieve us before she turned into a pumpkin. The joint was jumping when we left, but when Maggie hits the wall, her night is over.  She was a pooped princess by the end of the night, but she had a great time.

We all slept good that night and dreamed of the next ball.

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  1. I'm so glad that the night went well, and Maggie certainly did look beautiful. I think you looked beautiful too, Sally! That blue top is gorgeous on you!


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