Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mall withdrawal

This broken foot is really slowing me down. It hasn't really been painful so I just went about my regular activities. Perhaps walking 12 blocks on Friday wasn't that good of an idea.  I'm paying the price for that now. It's a bit painful, but mostly it is just exhausting me. I have to choose one outing and pace myself.

This morning Maggie asked if we could go to the mall. She hasn't been in nearly two weeks and she may be having mall withdrawal, a serious condition that targets teenage girls. Sadly, her condition will go untreated as the mall was not the one outing chosen for today.

The outing du jour was Costco. We  have been needing to do a Costco run for a while and I wanted to do it while Steve was available to help me. Even I have limits, and pushing Maggie's chair and pulling one of those giant carts with a broken foot is just too pathetic. When we got there Steve suggested I ride around in one of these. He even offered to rig it up so I could tow Maggie and the basket.  I politely declined. 

 Maggie wasn't buying my argument that  Costco is just a mall without walls. There was quite a bit of eye rolling by someone.

As we were finishing up, a man walked around us to get something. I was suctioning Maggie and probably blocking traffic. I saw him look back at us, but didn't really pay any attention until I heard him say "Hi Maggie, what are you doing here."  That is something that just doesn't happen very often and it surprised me.   

He turned out to be Mr. D, a teacher from Mission High.  Mr. D doesn't teach special ed, but he certainly knew Maggie. He was one of her best customers when they used to do the coffee cart on Mondays.Maggie was beside herself with joy when she realized who it was, reaching out her hand and throwing herself back in her chair laughing. 

 Mr. D's simple greeting and chat completely changed Maggie's affect. He saved me from a pouting Maggie just by saying hello.

 The mall withdrawal is in remission.   


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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your foot -- and apologize for forgetting about it when we emailed last night!


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