Friday, June 14, 2013

Fathers Day

Fathers' Day is a great day. I remember how lucky I am that I had such a great father, and married such a great father who also has a great father. My kids are lucky too. They grew up with one great dad and two wonderful grandfathers. That is a lot of positive influence. it's an embarrassment of riches.

My own father was a huge force in my life. In fact he was pretty much a huge force in the lives of many people. That's just the kind of guy he was. I was lucky to have a dad like him and I miss him every day.

My father in law is still a huge force in our lives. He is as good a man as you will find and I know he has a big role in making my husband the person he is.

My husband is an exemplary father. He is creative and entertaining. You've seen Maggie's' Halloween costumes and the boys had their fair share of those as well. Easter morning found all the Action figures lines up throughout the house holding chocolate eggs. Oh, and Christmas wrapping - don't get me started. You cannot imagine some of the wacky wrapping jobs he comes up with to make a run of the mill gift into a laugh riot.

Even aside from the great dads in my life, there is another reason for me to like Father's Day.  I had a baby on Father's Day in 1990. (We caught/trapped a skunk on Father's day 2012. (Maggie World: Green Acres) We kept the baby and arranged for the release of the skunk. Glad we didn't reverse that.)

Tim is my Father's Day baby. He was a week late arriving and I was just a leetle bit cranky. Earlier that week I bought Steve two Father's Day presents, one from 2 year old Eddie and one from the new baby who I was just SURE would be home with us by the time Fathers' Day arrived. When Sunday came and I was still pregnant I practically threw the second present at Steve and said, "if this baby doesn't arrive by midnight, this present is going back." Lovely, wasn't I? Not wanting to deprive his dad of a second gift, Tim arrived at 10:50 PM. Now THAT is a Father's day present. Really haven't been able to top it since. But I have to admit the skunk was pretty hilarious.

To those lucky enough to be the child of a great dad, stop and say thanks to him if he's still with you or stop and remember him if he's not. To all the Fathers out there, Have a great day. If you are involved in your kids life in a positive way, you are doing the most important thing imaginable.  Take a rest. You've earned it.


  1. What a perfect post. I loved each photo and every word.

  2. Thanks fo making me stop and remember how wonderful my father was:)


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