Friday, July 26, 2013

Girls Rock 2013

This is the end of  Maggie's favorite week.  She has been attending Girls Rock Camp as she has for the past several years. It is run by California Children's Services (CCS) for teenage girls. Because they are in CCS, all of the girls have some sort of "qualifying medical condition" or they wouldn't be there. Maggie - as always - represents one end of the spectrum. At the other end are older girls who have either overcome their issues, or learned to get along in the world despite their differences. Most of the girls fall somewhere in the middle.

The disabilities are mostly physical, but there are certainly a lot of social/emotional issues as well. Camp presents a rare opportunity for these girls to hang out with peers and just have some fun, make some crafts and learn a few things.  Mostly they just have fun.

This week Maggie painted her nails, made lip balm, learned about makeup and skin care, discussed relationships, made tie-dye, listened to music, made jewelry and a box to put it in. She learned about manners and had fun doing it. She also had fun taking pictures, as I wrote about the other day.
Bright Pink! And not smeared!

Maggie can't reach the middle of the table, but she's right there with the other girls. 
Barb helping Maggie with the Mod Podge (remember that stuff?)

Making Jewelry

Today is the party and we have to say goodbye. One of these years Maggie will be too old for Girls Rock, but thankfully not yet.

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