Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Self Portraits x 26

Maggie is really using her new IPAD. We've been doing it together up until now. I had to keep one hand on the IPAD at all times to keep Maggie from flinging it across the room.  We were waiting for the mount to arrive so that we could secure it to the pole that holds her talker. It arrived yesterday and the thing is SLICK!

We are still waiting for the switch interface to arrive. This will allow Maggie to use her switches (buttons) that she uses to operate the dynavox. The switches she has now will plug into the interface which then connects wirelessly with the IPAD. There will be no stopping her then.

Of course there have to be apps that work with the switches and I have downloaded several, but we will see how much Maggie actually utilizes them.
Even without the switch access, she is already using one of the new apps like crazy. I have to thank Diane Tom, an OT at CCS for this one. It's called "Big Button" and it allows her to use the camera function of the IPAD by pressing anywhere on the screen. That was the best $2 I've spent in a while.

Maggie was having a ton of fun with that today at Girls Rock! Camp. If you put the IPAD so the camera points at the user, Maggie can take pictures of herself. And that's just what the world needs, more pictures of Maggie.

Maggie took 31 pictures at camp today. 26 of them were self portraits. Flipping through the IPAD pics is a riot.  She looks concerned, worried, happy, irritated. confused, delighted and more. She is many things, but Camera Shy is not one of them.

Here she is trying it out with her nurse Mary Joy, figuring it out, figuring  it out and then cracking up (but not centering)


The best are when there are girls surrounding her and she is so excited she's turning to look at them, forgetting where the camera is.  (I don't think it's cool to put pictures of other people's kids on the internet without their permission, so I will just put up one of her where she is looking for them.)

I will add this one of her and her new friend Jackie, because Jackie is over 18 and one of the helpers at the camp. She and Maggie really hit it off and the two of them had fun with the camera.

Do you think Maggie is having any fun at this camp?

Forget Mr. DeMille, Maggie can do her own close up anytime she wants.

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  1. Gosh, this is a sight for sore eyes. I am so glad that the iPad is opening more doors for Maggie to share her humor and love of life --


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