Monday, September 23, 2013

Bowled over

There are very  few sporting activities in which Maggie can meaningfully take part. This is not to say that there aren't wonderful athletic opportunities for people who use wheelchairs; there are. But Maggie is at an altogether different level. Competitive basketball and other para Olympic type sports are just not going to happen for her. Even special Olympics is a horse of a different color when it comes to Maggie's participation. Generally it requires an able body person pushing her or participating "for her." Maggie loves it but she's not really doing it.

There is one sport that Maggie can actually do with a minimum of adaptation. Bowling. She gets in there and takes her licks and laughs her head off the entire time. You really haven't lived until you've been bowling with Maggie and her friends. With the use of a ramp for the ball, Maggie and her peers can send that bowling ball flying down the lane toward the waiting pins. The ramp simply allows them to set the ball in motion, it is no guarantee of success. There are gutter balls and strikes for Maggie just like everyone else. 

We went to Sea Bowl last week to bowl with Clay, Ben and Thanh. We should have been warned that this was playing for keeps when both Clay and Ben had their very own ramps. Ringers, the two of them. Not only that, Clay actually had an extra bowling ball that he gallantly allowed Maggie to use. (It was interesting to note that the ball did not have finger holes, but of course they weren't necessary for this crowd)

With the seamless help of Dustin and Bryce, the four bowlers were ready. The ball is placed at the top of the ramp and Maggie would give it a push, laughing at the noise the ball made in the lane and laughing harder when the pins were actually knocked down. This is her face after she bowled a strike. 

There were a few other issues for Maggie. She extends her leg when she's excited. Her foot and toes were directly in the path of the ball and that could have been dangerous. I would have a hard time explaining a broken foot for Maggie at the ER so I had to hold her foot down. 

Maggie was excited to get going and would push the ball the second it was in front of her. On one turn, my hand was run over by the bowling ball. I was protecting her foot, but forgot about my hand. That will teach me. I did post short videos of each of the bowlers at my YouTube channel. I happened to catch Thanh's strike. Maggie's is here for your viewing pleasure.


Maggie held her own but Clay was the high scorer for the day. But her competitive spirit awoke. I have a feeling there will be practice practice practice so Maggie can get him next time.

I just need to get some gloves. 

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  1. I'm thinking a powerful bowling league with Maggie as captain? The name? Roller Bowlers.


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