Friday, December 20, 2013

Garbage Grinch

I think this is at least my fifth post about garbage. What can I say, it's a big part of my life.

I suspect we had a substitute garbage man working on our street this morning. I say that because I have a nice nodding relationship with the regular guy who laughs at me as I bring just one more bag down the stairs to the truck. He sees Maggie and waves and is generally a nice guy.

Whoever was assigned to our street today would definitely NOT fall into that category. I confess we have a lot of garbage. I mean A LOT. We already have the largest trash can they will give us and it is aways overflowing. Sorry, but you try fitting about 90 weekly diapers and other medical waste in addition to the regular garbage and you too will overflow. Everything is neatly in plastic garbage bags but today there were probably five bags sticking out the top of the can. That happens almost every week, though this week did seem especially bad.

I drove Maggie to school today and the garbage truck was up the street when we left. When I returned about 30 minutes later he was long gone.I could see the truck about four blocks down my street. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to appreciate our overflowing trash can as he left the five bags that were over the top of the can. He threw them on the ground in front of the now empty can. He had to go to extra effort to toss each bag onto the ground rather than just move the can to lift onto the truck. Seems he was intent on sending a Chritmas-y message. Sweet.

My neighbor was in his window and saw me reacting to this. He had a face that seemed to say Yikes!  i just said, if they think this is bad, just wait until next week hen we add Christmas stuff to it. I picked up the five bags and put them back in the can, which made it half full before the new garbage week even begins. I was wondering what to do when I noticed that the truck had not yet done the other side of the street. Perfect I took the five bags and distributed them in the cans of my neighbors across the street. Yes, that's probably against the rules, but I really don't care and neither will my neighbors. The garbage grinch might, but I'm not telling.

As I type the the truck is nearing the other side and I will get a lot of satisfaction when he picks up the trash he used to send me a message. Maybe I will see him as I leave and give him a sweet "Merry Christmas."

I'm sure his heart will grow three sizes - or five bags.

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