Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Who are all these people in our shopping areas?

Maggie had her dream weekend. We shopped both Saturday AND Sunday. Life doesn't get any better than that for her. Both days we were out early to make parking a little easier. No parking problem either day. However, there is a bit of a problem with the amount of people out and about so early. Generally when Maggie and I hit the stores early, there are very few others to get in our way. Not so in mid December.

With Christmas fast approaching, I needed to get a few things I had a specific idea in mind for somebody and we headed down to Cost Pus at Fisherman's wharf. That is a huge store full of colors and bright things that are entertaining to look at and to buy. They are also entertaining to try on. Maggie modeled several hats for the passers by.

Of course they didn't have what I was looking for, but we found something else. We put our stuff in the car and wandered around the wharf area. We stopped at Boudin to watch them make french bread and found out old friend Anna there. We say hello to her whenever we are around there. The bakery is a real working bakery, but there is a large exhibition window in the  front for tourists and others to watch. Anna interacts with the people outside the window via a microphone/speaker set up. As soon as she saw us the speakers blared, "Maggie, Hello! How are you doing?" Maggie thought that was hilarious and all the tourists were trying to figure out who Maggie was. Fame! So many things to worry about. 

After that we walked around the wharf for a while and admired the boats decorated for Christmas.

Sunday we returned to Stonestown for the first time since the great elevator outage of 2013. It was fine. Crowded and overwhelming, but fine. We did get a chance to try on some pink glasses, so the day wasn't a waste.

Like many malls, Stonestown has those kiosks in the middle and the sales people really hawk their wares. It is incredibly annoying. Generally you can avoid them but it was difficult maneuvering the wheelchair with the crowds.  It was freaking Maggie out a little to have these sales people in our face. One guy who insisted on trying to wrap some pillow around me and them Maggie was particularly annoying. I said "No Thank you" and he tried again. I stopped, looked him in the face and said, Look Buddy, I said no thank you - now BACK OFF. Very very Christmas-y. But it definitely cheered Maggie up for a minute but then  she ran out of energy pretty quickly after that happened.

We came home and caught the last quarter of the 49er game with Tim. As he often does, he grabbed Maggie out of her chair so they could sit together and watch the game. Hanging with him makes her very happy. 

All in all an excellent weekend. Now it's the last week of school and then vacation.

 We could shop every day. 

Oh save me. 

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