Thursday, January 23, 2014

Duct Tape Free Zone

Maggie finally got her new wheelchair seat cover yesterday.  It is a little piece of neoprene or whatever the heck that stuff is made of.We have been waiting for it for months. MONTHS. There is absolutely no reason it should have taken so long, but that's just the way it is in Maggie's world. I think you can refer to the concept of supply and demand. Not a ton of demand, so not a lot of suppliers. You take what you get and you are supposed to smile pretty.

The new seat cover presents a new challenge for Maggie and I have no doubt she will meet that challenge head on.. She moves so much that she wear through these things at vulnerable spots. The front of the seat takes the brunt of her movement and that's where it wears out first. Of course once Maggie actually tears it, she starts ripping it with her hands because ...well, because she CAN.

When the tear was small I covered it with some leopard skin duct tape. That worked for a while, but Maggie wore out a little more and then pulled on that. I added more leopard skin duct tape. And then again, but I was out of leopard skin and went with zebra. As that wore through we left the jungle theme and went with good old industrial duct tape (which is the strongest of all). Maggie has been cruising in this seat for the last several months.

With the new cover, she is now in a Duct Tape Free Zone. You will note, however, that the cover for the foot box also needs replacing. There's no duct tape, but it is worn through. We'll get that by summer. Of course by then the seat cover will be ripped again. Any wonder I feel like I'm on a hamter wheel?

Purty, ain't it? Any bets on how long it stays intact?

I give it until April 1. Plenty of time to stock up on themed tape.

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  1. How about slipcovers for her seat? They're very easy to make and with the right fasteners they won't slide. She could have a whole leopard seat if she liked, or seats to match her outfits, or the season.


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